Dummy profile ALU 80/40

  • dummy profile Alu 80/40 for industrial concrete floor slabs
  • ultra-stable profile head with edge protection
  • alternative to joint cutting
  • allows large-area concrete placement
  • serves as dummy joint and reference point for final floor height


Profile / Item no. Profile height Material Element lengths Packing units
ALU 80/40 80 mm Aluminium 2500 mm 25 lfm / 250 lfm

Description / Details:

Dummy profile Alu80/40, aluminum material, height 80 mm, width 40 mm. Dummy profile for all kinds of medium to heavy floor conveyor traffic. Use lean concrete to set joint rail to final height of concrete floor slab. Extension and intersection points by means of connection clips. The profile also serves as reference point for the final floor height and as bench mark for slopes.