Dowel sleeves system

  • PVC sleeve with nail holder
  • formwork aid for our joint systems (nail holder already factory assembled)
  • serves as precision guide for load transfer dowels
  • high installation accuracy
  • facilitates trouble-free concrete placement


Profile / Item no. Profile height Length  Material Packing units
HNL 20 20 mm 250 mm  PVC 3-parts  200 pieces
HNL 25 25 mm 250 mm  PVC 3-parts  200 pieces

Description / Details:

PVC socket with nail holder, 3-part system consisting of plug-in sleeve with nail holder and guide tube as well as a stopper, available in Ø 20 mm, length 250 mm, or Ø 25 mm, length 250 mm. The plug-in sleeve can be fixed to all our joint profiles as well as other formwork systems. The PVC socket facilitates the vertical installation of the load transfer dowels and thus ensures a trouble-free placement of concrete.