Dowel holders for load transfer dowels DHS and DHD

  • standalone dowel holder for dummy joints and expansion joints
  • serves as precision guide for load transfer dowels
  • high installation accuracy
  • facilitates trouble-free concrete placement


Profile / Item no. Diameter Element length  Type Usage
DHS 5 mm 2000 mm Wire rod S235 JR Dummy joint / 1-part
DHD 5 mm 2000 mm Wire rod S235 JR Expansion joint / 2-parts

Description / Details:

Welded and edged wire rod dowel holders S235 JR, Ø 5 mm. Facilitates the vertical installation of load transfer dowels and thus ensures trouble-free concrete placement. Our flexible production allows us to manufacture dowel holders according to your individual requirements. The dowel holders can be employed in dummy joints as well as expansion joints.