Load transfer dowels QK

  • load transfer doweling for industrial concrete floor slabs
  • highly expansible due to plastic coating
  • suited for all kinds of load transfer doweling for expansion joints, formwork and stop ends


Profile / Item no. Diameter Length  Material Packing units
QK 20 20 mm 400 mm S235 JR plastic coated  500 pieces
QK 25 25 mm 400 mm S235 JR plastic coated  400 pieces

Description / Details:

Smooth round steel dowels S235 JR, available in Ø 20 mm, length 400 mm, and Ø 25 mm, length 400 mm, burr-free on both sides, sawn without changes in diameter, entire length and one front side PE plastic-coated (base-resistant), minimum layer thickness 0.3 mm, one front side primed with corrosion prevention agent.