door edge profile TAP

  • profile for endingup door or gate ways
  • solid edge protection
  • visually appealing ending up
  • variable angle version
  • suitable for all kinds of industrial vehicles


Profile / Item no. Profile height Profile head Angular variation Element lengths
TAP 100 mm – 400 mm ST52 primed red/green 1000 – 6000 mm
TAP V 100 mm – 400 mm ST52 hot-dip galvanized red/green 1000 – 6000 mm
TAP 2A 100 mm – 400 mm stainless steel material 1.431 red/green 1000 – 6000 mm

Description / Details:

Door edge profile TAP, base material ST37. Joint system for ending up door or gate ways as well as the similar completion of components. Stand-alone joint system with two stands per element. Fast and easy installation. Variable element lengths up to 6000 mm. Accurately sized terminal components available.