Herkules E55

  • heavy duty profile for low slab thicknesses for industrialconcrete floor slabs
  • ultra-stable profile head
  • extremely high load bearing capacity
  • suited for all kinds of floor conveyors
  • serves as expansion joint, formwork, stop end, and reference point for final floor height


Profile / Item no. Profile height Profile head Load KN Element lenghts
Herkules E55 55 mm ST37 primed min. 130 KN 3000 mm
Herkules E55V 55 mm ST37 hot-dip galvanized min. 130 KN 3000 mm
Herkules E552A 55 mm Stainless steel material 1.431 min. 130 KN 3000 mm

Description / Details:

Heavy duty profile HERKULES E55, base material ST37. Stand-alone joint system with two stands per element. For extremely low slab thicknesses and for special joint reconstruction scenarios. Extension via integrated threaded joint. Variable element lengths. Accurate to size end pieces from 1000 mm-4000 mm as well as angle, cross, and T-shaped parts available.