• Heavy-duty joint profile for outdoor areas and concrete roads
  • Highly rugged profile head suitable for subsequent filling
  • V-shaped profile head for chamfers
  • Full length PE insulation board with a thickness of 10 mm & 20 mm
  • Exceptionally high load-bearing capacity
  • Suitable for any kind of forklifts and trucks


Profile / Item no. Profile height Profile head Load KN Element lengths
EOS FFVpro 100 mm – 400 mm hot-dip galvanized min. 130 KN 2500 mm
EOS FF2Apro 100 mm – 400 mm stainless steel material no. 1.431 min. 130 KN 2500 mm

Description / Details:

Heavy-duty joint profile EOS FFpro. Joint system for outdoor areas exposed to weathering and concrete roads with rugged profile head. Subsequent filling is optionally possible. The V-shaped profile head integrates chamfers. Self-supporting joint system with two profile foots per element. Height adjustment via threaded foot. Extending with integrated screw connections. Also available are custom-made end pieces from 1000 mm to 2500 mm lengths as well as angle connectors and T- and X- connectors. Custom designs of the EOS FFpro-series on request.